Empeg-Wireless-Connections with Bluetooth

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Wow, Bluetooth has been the last chapter of my book and I couldn't resist to get it working at the Empeg. But at the moment I only talk about the Pico-Plug from Sphinx-Electronics in Germany. This incredible thing can emulate a normal serial or parallel port, also known as COM-Port and LPT-Port. It comes fully open with no password needed but you can connect it to the serial port of your PC and configure it to react only at your MAC-Address of your Bluetooth-device on your PC. For your PC you only need a normal USB-Bluetooth-Device or a PC-Card or something which has a blue tooth :-).
Connect the Bluetooth-serial-port to the empeg and click on the Pico-Plug-Symbol at your Bluetooth-desktop at your PC. That's it! You'll get a port (COM4 or COM5 or something that virtual). So your Hyperterm or whatever can connect to this port.
Don't expect to reach your Bluetooth-Device in your car worldwide! I could imagine that if you are 2 meters away from your car you won't get a connection, because of the loss you get when you are outside. But I work on this. You have the possibility to connect an external antenna to the Pico Plug. But inside the car it'll work.
This is the Pico Plug. It has a 9-pin female plug and so fits exactly the COM-port at the Empeg. You can even connect it at the COM-port at the sled, I think, but I didn't try this right now.

This is the Nokia DTL-4, also good for connection to some Nokia mobiles. Other Bluetooth-Adapters won't work for special things like Outlook-Sync for the mobiles but for the Empeg all Adapters may work. They only need the COM-Port-Profile but I don't know any who doesn't have this profile.

You can also plug this Compact Flash part into your PDA.

I preferred to use my Tishiba Libretto with the whole PC-Card (can anyone explain why I shouldn't say PCMCIA-Card?). This small piece is all you'll see from the Bluetooth-Adapter.

Ok, you have plugged in all you Bluetooth-Components. So you have a Bluetooth-Desktop on your PC and can connect to the devices. This is how it looks like.

If you double-clik on Pico Plug you'll get another screen like this.

You can choose between a connected PC or simply a COM-port. Choose the COM-port and you're fine.

In this case, I got COM3 as the virtual COM-port. Don't forget to set the parameter correctly in your Hyperterm like this.

This is the Hyperterm-output. Yes, you can see that I didn't set up /programs0 until now but that's an other thing :-).

You have seen how to set up the Bluetooth-connection with Windows. It's quite simple. I'll try to do this with Linux but give me some time. Today is the first day I got some seconds in spare and this is the first try to explain something in english, so give me a chance. If you want more, I'll give you more. But I don't want to create pages, work for hours and nobody wants it.
Bluetooth with an Bluetooth-Access-Point
As you can use an access-point for wireless lan, they exist on the Bluetooth-market. One example I could catch was the Axis access-point. The profile doesn't exceed the lan-profile, you cannot get a pan to work or any own things. It's made for accessing the ethernet-side of the access-point via Bluetooth, that's it. I expected a bit more because the access-point ist set up with a linux operating system. Maybe we will get some updates in the future and all will work. For the empeg it will be too expensive with roundabout Eur or $ 1600. Things around the empeg shouldn't be more expensive that the empeg itself :-). Here are some pics with the empeg and the access-point.

You can connect the empeg with an ethernet-crossovercable like an wlan-access-point. The possible distance is much lower than it is for wlan, so son't expect too much. For in-car-purposes it's ok.

If you think there are big fat misspellings, please let me know. I'm interested in learning better english. You can mail to empeg at rowitech.de or post into the forum.
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