Empeg-Wireless-Connections with Wireless LAN

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Many people have connected their Empeg via wireless LAN. But be warned: Don't let your Empeg in the car! I never do this and therefore I still habe no WLAN in my car for this purpose. But if you have a secure place for your car, it's quite funny to control the empeg via waves. The only solution I know for cvonnecting you jewel to your PC is using an Access-Point. If you own an USB-Adapter or anything but an Access-Point in your house, too, you can easily connect to your Access-Point. But connections between two Access-Points (I need a shortcut for writing the word Access-Point :-)) aren't easy, because you cannot connect AP to AP in the normal way.i In Germany you can get an Access-Point called D-Link DWL-900 which is small, needs 5V (easy to create) and needs about 500 mA (will work with cooled 7805, I think). You can connect an external antenna (reverse SMA plug) and it's done. For the problem with connections from AP to AP you have the ability to change some settings in the configuration to act as a client. Also you can let this thing act as a bridge, as a repeater and so on. Other Access-Points (except for other D-Links as DI-614) may not have these features and may not connect to other Access-Points. If you want me to put the whole configuration here, please let me know. I don't want me to work for a site which isn't be read by anyone.
Connect the Ethernet with a Crosscable in most cases. Do not plug in a normal Cat-5-Cable, it may not work.

If you think there are big fat misspellings, please let me know. I'm interested in learning better english. You can mail to empeg at rowitech.de or post into the forum.
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