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If you just surfed in and don't know what an Empeg is:
This is a site dedicated to the best Car-stereo (no, it isn't a car-stereo), again: for the best DIN-slotted computer which also plays music (so it's right, I hope). You'll find no information here until you have taken a look in Empeg.com, Empeg.comms.net and other sites.

Something general for Empeg-connections:
I just finished writing my book about Wireless LAN & Bluetooth. As I am an Empeg-enthusiast since some years (but got one not until 2002), I put both things together. Well, many geeks talked about this and 303 (you'll find him in the forum http://empeg.comms.net) showed me, that this works (WLAN). But since more and more mobiles, pdas and refrigerators will be delivered from stock with built-in Bluetooth it's worth to warm up some brain parts for this. Because of the book I had to write, I got many very good parts for WLAN, but even for Bluetooth. So it's only a small step to test these funny things at the Empeg. And, belive me, it's fun fun fun! Somebody has aked in the forum (when I write forum, the ultimate Empeg-forum is meant: http://Empeg.comms.net) if it's possible to implement a Bluetooth-device into the Empeg itself. This is more than possible but at the moment I have no idea how to do this but kill the COM-port for this. And this solution is not the one I want, because I need the serial port for GPS and much more (would like to have at minimum 8 serial ports or an USB-master). To sync your Empeg via Bluetooth may be possible but remember that you only have less than 1 Mbit/s and if you transfer some GBs through that, it needs much more than one coffee to wait. But for steering purposes it's cool. Don't expect me to implement Bluetooth in your Empeg, I never opened my Empeg and I don't know anything about what's going on inside right now. But this may be a start and if some people come together and (that's the most important part) have enough spare time for doing this, it will work, I'm sure. But also today you can start with some external components which are available at (for Empeg-geeks) small prices ;-).
If you think there are big fat misspellings, please let me know. I'm interested in learning better english. You can mail to empeg at rowitech.de or post into the forum.
by Rolf Winterscheidt, empeg(at)rowitech.de (Counter: 5208)
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